Three Revolutions in Urban Transportation / Lew Fulton, Jacob Mason, Dominique Meroux

Three Revolutions in Urban Transportation. How to achieve the full potential of vehicle electrification, automation and shared mobility in urban transportation systems around the world by 2050 / Lew Fulton, Jacob Mason, Dominique Meroux. – UC Davis, ITDP (Institute for…

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convegno a Gemona 31 marzo 2017

Gemona-Sacile: storia di una ferrovia proiettata nel futuro. Convegno, Gemona del Friuli, 31 marzo 2017

Nell’ambito del Mese della Mobilità Dolce, della 10. Giornata delle Ferrovie Non Dimenticate e della iniziativa Oltre i confini: viaggio nella mobilità dolce in Friuli, organizzata da Co.Mo.Do. (Confederazione Mobilità Dolce) e dalle associazioni aderenti, il 31 marzo a Gemona…

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Vienna, 20-12 March 2017

European Cycle Logistics Conference, Vienna, 20-21 March 2017

The European Cycle Logistics Conference is the key event where operators from the logistics sector meet with policy makers, suppliers of cargo bikes, researchers and a wide range of other bodies to discuss Cycle Logistics. Previous ECLF conferences were held…

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International Conference on Ecology and Transportation

ICOET 2017, International Conference on Ecology and Transportation, Salt Lake City (Utah), May 14-18, 2017

This is the ninth biennial ICOET conference, co-hosted by the Utah and Wyoming Departments of Transportation, with support from the US DOT Federal Highway Administration. ICOET is the foremost interdisciplinary, interagency supported conference addressing the broad range of ecological issues…

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integrated bike train mobility conference

BiTiBi Final Conference (Bike.Train.Bike), Utrecht (NL), March 7, 2017

BiTiBi is a project funded by the European Union and will last from 2014-17. The project is focused on increasing liveability in European cities as well as reducing congestion and C02 emissions by performing projects that focus on modern, sustainable…

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ITF Research Report

Adapting Transport to Climate Change and Extreme Weather / International Transport Forum

Adapting Transport to Climate Change and Extreme Weather. Implications for Infrastructure Owners and Network Managers / International Transport Forum. – (ITF Research Report). – Paris: OECD, 2016. – 144 p. [formato PDF]. Click to read online and share. This report…

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